Music Subscription

Orange Craker

CELEBRATE Sing & Read Music subscriptions familiar songs used with visuals to promote oral language development and early literacy skills – bringing joyful literacy instruction to the children one song at a time! The online annual subscription options include almost 200 titles that provide the springboard for teaching early literacy skills, phonological awareness, language vocabulary, comprehension, alphabet knowledge, writing skills, and essential math concepts. *Music subscriptions are offered as a classroom annual subscription. 


Sign & Read Text


  • Alphabet/ Alfabeto – (FST040s/FST7165s)
  • Colors/Colores – (FST042s /FST7168s)
  • Numbers/Números – (FST043s/FST7166s)
  • Shapes/Formas – (FST044s/FST7169s)
  • Nursery Rhymes/Temas – (FST7167s)
  • Sorting and Patterns – (FST049s)
  • Measurement – (FST048s)
  • Problem Solving – (FST050s)
  • Space and Shapes – (FST046s)
  • Understanding Numbers – (FST047s)

*One-year online classroom subscription to Music.

  • Complete Literacy Collection – English (Alphabet, Numbers, Colors, Shapes, Nursery Rhymes) – (FST039s)
  • Complete Literacy Collection – Spanish (Alfabeto,Números, Colores, Temas, Formas) – (FST7170s)
  • Complete Math Collection (Sorting & Patterns, Measurement, Problem Solving, Space & Shapes, Understanding Numbers) – (FST051s)

*One-year online classroom subscription to Music.