Spanish Literacy Collection

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The Spanish Literacy Collections introduce basic skills through adorable books and familiar musical tunes. For Spanish as a home language or those learning a new language, music provides the social-emotional connection for reducing stress while colorful, friendly illustrations are sure to captivate young learners from the first page to the last. Children will develop an array of skills appropriate to individual levels while building confidence and a love for reading. Children will develop essential skills for early literacy as they listen and sing while developing vocabulary, language, comprehension and print awareness. Delightful stories with loveable characters and bright bold text will enhance, motivate and challenge even the youngest readers. All story text is originally written in Spanish.

“Sing & Read” Literacy Collection, Spanish includes Alfabeto, Números, Colores, Temas, and Formas. Adorable Alfabeto characters introduce foundational vocabulary skills. Basic skills are enhanced as you sing familiar tunes to focus on printed text, and vocabulary, and gain comprehension skills. The vocabulary list and questions at the end of each book are presented in English and Spanish.

Complete Spanish Collection includes all 5 Individual Collections
Alfabeto, Números, Colores, Formas, and Temas

Each Spanish Collection is featured below:


Big Books - 11” X 17”


Reproducible Little Books /Digital


Music CDs /Digital


Storage Boxes


Year Subscription to the Spanish Literacy e-Stories also available

May Include a 1 Year Subscription to the Spanish Literacy eStories

Alfabeto “Sing & Read” Collection Book Titles

Highly recommended by educators, the “Sing & Read” Alfabeto collection captivates children’s attention from the front page to the last. The musical tunes provide a calming environment as children focus and develop an array of skills including letter recognition. The characters and bold print capture the children’s attention to increase comprehension skills. Alfabeto FST7220 includes 30 Big Books – 11” x 17”; 1 Reproducible Little Book/digital; 1 Music CDs/digital; 1 Storage Box; Subscription digital eStories are available.

  • Alicia la avispa
  • Benito el burro
  • Carlos el caracol
  • Chico el chimpancé
  • Darío el delfín
  • Eduardo el elefante
  • Fernanda la foca
  • Gerardo el gato
  • Héctor el hipopota
  • Ivana la iguana
  • Julia la jirafa
  • Kiki el koala
  • Leo el león
  • Leticia la llama
  • Mari la mariposa
  • Nene la naranja
  • Nando el ñu
  • Óscar el oso
  • Pepito el pulpo
  • Quintanilla el que
  • Rosalinda la reina
  • Rodrigo el perro
  • Samantha la serpie
  • Tania la tortuga
  • Úrsula la uva
  • Vicente el vaquero
  • Waldo el wapití
  • Xilo el xilófono
  • Yaly el yac
  • Zamora el zorro
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Números “Sing & Read” Collection Book Titles

Children learn numeral recognition, counting skills, letter recognition, and language development with music and familiar tunes through repeated actions and phrases. The number collection features books with numerals 1-10 with bold graphics and friendly characters. The song format and printed text feature opportunities for letter recognition, playful vocabulary, and open-ended questions in each book. The Number songs with familiar tunes are memorable and are a pleasure for young learners while teaching additional basic skills. Números FST 7220 includes 10 Big Books 11 x 17; 1 Reproducible Little Book; 1 Music CD/digital; 1 Storage Box.

Orange Craker
  • Uno
  • Dos
  • Tres
  • Cuatro
  • Cinco
  • Seis
  • Siete
  • Ocho
  • Nueve
  • Diez

Colores “Sing & Read” Collection Book Titles

Increase attention span with colorful characters while identifying colors and letters with a song. Color and letter recognition is easy and fun with simple text, familiar tunes, and repetitive phrases. Children’s confidence soars as they sing the color songs, practice book-handling concepts and fluency, and strengthen their oral language. Colors Collection (FST???) includes 10 Big Books; 1 Teacher Guide CD/digital; 1 Reproducible Little Book CD/digital; 1 Music CD/digital; 1 storage box. Digital eStories are available on a subscription basis.

  • Rojo
  • Amarillo
  • Azul
  • Verde
  • Morado
  • Negro
  • Café
  • Anaranjado
  • Rosa
  • Blanca
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Formas “Sing & Read” Collection Book Titles

Children need to identify shapes to strengthen the skills necessary for letter recognition. These basic, popular shapes are introduced with characters and whimsical tunes to support early literacy foundations. Identifying shapes with fun stories will provide meaningful language experiences for the youngest learners. Formas includes 10 Big Books; 1 Reproducible Little Book CD/digital; 1 Music CD/digital; 1 Storage box. Digital eStories are available on a subscription basis.

Orange Craker
  • Círculo
  • Triángulo
  • Cuadrado
  • Rectángulo
  • Óvalo
  • Rombo
  • Octágono
  • Trapezoide
  • Corazón
  • Estrella

Temas “Sing & Read” Collection Book Titles

These adorable themes reinforce language, vocabulary, and early literacy skills. The music format is calming to socially-emotionally connect children with friends, family, and teachers. Concepts such as school, friends, shapes, and pets allow children to explore items that are important in their world. Fun is reinforced in the learning process with this captivating collection. Temas Collection includes 10 Big Books; 1 Reproducible Little Book CD/digital; 1 Music CD/digital; 1 storage box. Digital eStories are available on a subscription basis.

  • Julio y el saco
  • Señorita Rita la rana
  • Mis mejores amigos
  • Pedro el perro
  • Ana abeja
  • La escuela es dive
  • Benjamín ve formas
  • El Alfabeto del Sr
  • Mis colores preferidos
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