Math Literacy Collection

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“Sing & Read” Math Collection is a favorite for STEM and young engineers. The books invite children to playfully use unforgettable CELEBRATE characters as they develop key mathematical focal points of understanding numbers, measurement, space and shapes, sorting and patterns plus problem solving. A user-friendly teacher guides provides concrete experiences to introduce the math concept, small group activities, learning center activities, and family activities. Each lesson provides for differentiated instruction to meet the needs at appropriate developmental levels for children. Mathematical vocabulary, rhyming words, and comprehension questions link literacy skills with each lesson.

Complete Math Collection includes all 5 Individual Collections:
Measurement, Sorting and Patterns, Understanding Numbers, Space and Shapes, and Problem Solving

Each Collection is featured below:


Big Books - 11” X 17”


Teacher Guides /Digital


Reproducible Little Books /Digital


Storage Boxes


Music CDs /Digital


Activity Pal Card Sets

Subscription for digital e-Stories are available

Measurement “Sing & Read” Collection Book Titles

Adorable Math Measurement Collection goes beyond numeral recognition to help children acquire basic knowledge with necessary process skills in essential Math strands including number, measurement, geometry, and children’s capacity to ask thoughtful questions, recognize problems in their environment and use mathematical reasoning with everyday classroom materials. Measurement Collection includes 10 Big Book; 1-Reproducible Little Book; 1-Music CD/digital; 1-Guide; 1-Activity Pal Card Pack

  • Big or Small
  • Fill It Up
  • Short or Tall
  • Can Gus Jump Over It?
  • Count the Building Blocks
  • How Many Steps
  • Heavy or Light
  • Cooking All Day Long
  • Younger or Older
  • Big, Bigger, Ka-Boom!
Orange Craker

Sorting and Patterns “Sing & Read” Collection Book Titles

This deligtful collection teaches children to sing and learn math processes necessary for future success. Sorting classifying, finding patterns, and moving to the music enhances children’s early cognitive math knowledge.

Orange Craker
  • We Can Sort
  • Elmo Sorts
  • Classify Your Shoes
  • Clap a Pattern
  • What Comes Next?
  • Wiggle a Pattern
  • Pattern of Shapes
  • Sing an AB Pattern
  • Name that Pattern
  • Patterns Are Everywhere

Understanding Numbers “Sing & Read” Collection Book Titles

Children will enjoy singing and laughing as they are introduced to using numbers in different ways. They may find out how zero us used; see there are odd and even numbers, and discover how big numbers continue in a variety of ways.
  • Counting 1 to 20
  • Uh-Oh, Zero
  • One to One
  • Estimate How Many
  • Count by 10 to 100
  • Count by Two
  • Count by 5
  • Big Numbers
  • Odd or Even
  • Numbers around Me
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Space & Shapes “Sing & Read” Collection Book Titles

This collection is a joy to introduce children to spatial awareness. Through adorable stress free songs, they will learn positional words, recognize shapes in the world, discover map skills all through fun and laughter. The focus of this collection is sure to motivate future careers as children act as engineers to discover the math foundations.

Orange Craker
  • Rowdy Rides, Up, Down
  • Where is Foxy?
  • Follow the Treasure Map
  • Let’ Compare Circle Square
  • Count the Sides
  • Look for the Triangles
  • Shapes in the City
  • Look at the Lines
  • Sorting Shapes
  • Let’s Build Shapes

Problem Solving “Sing & Read” Collection Book Titles

Children will turn into little professionals as they learn problem solving techniques for early math. With silly songs and fun characters, the stories intentionally focus attention to finding the solution within the text.

  • One More Scoop
  • Add the Wheels
  • Let’s Add the Numbers
  • One Less Frog
  • Subtraction is Fun!
  • Cathy’s Cooks Bake Sale
  • Add to Zero
  • Switch the Numbers
  • The Doubles Game
  • Look and See
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