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Orange Craker


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Pencil and Kid
26 Vocabulary Word Lists and 26 Basic Writing Lessons

Everyone’s favorite Celebrate “Sing & Read” Alphabet stories come to life in this fully animated video featuring 26 alphabet stories, 26 vocabulary lists, and 26 basic writing lessons taught by the ever-popular Mr. Pencil!

These lovable stories and lessons will capture the hearts of children and introduce them to a lifetime of learning early literacy skills, beginning sounds, rhyming words, letter formation, and a world of vocabulary.


A subscription for CELEBRATE LIVE VIDEO featuring 26 Alphabet character videos, 26 writing lessons w/ Mr. Pencil.

  • 26 Alphabet Videos
  • 26 Vocabulary Lists
  • 26 Writing Lessons
Letter F
Letter F

Watch a Sneak Peek and Hear the Theme Song below:

Orange Craker
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